The day after my 19th birthday I packed my bags and left my home town Gothenburg in Sweden to move to London. Almost 12 years later I am still here, settled in East London and married to an Englishman. The plan when I left home was to stay here for a bit, then move on to France and Italy, but things didn't turn out that way for several good reasons. Lots of Swedes come to London to experience life in a true cosmopolitan city. After a while, most feel like they have had enough of the fast pace and the crowds and go back home, but some of us end up staying and make a life here. I feel as though I was meant to live in London - it just suits me so well. There is something about the energy in this great city, a buzz that is almost tangible. Once you get used to it, it is hard to imagine anything else.

One of the reasons I ended up staying was the realization that here the creative industries are a serious business sector and there are plenty of education and employment opportunities. I had a dream of becoming a fashion designer, but always felt that it wasn't a viable career choice - in Sweden, telling people you wanted to be a designer was almost like saying you wanted to be an actress or a pop star. But after a couple of years in London doing various jobs, I enrolled on an Art Foundation Course, went on to do a BA and have been working in the fashion industry since graduating.

I love fashion and it is a personal interest as well as a career, but in my blog I want to explore and reflect on my other interests - food, gardening, art, design and travel. I will share recipes from my kitchen and reports from my tiny but very lovely city garden, and also snapshots from my everyday life in London highlighting why this is such an amazing place to live. Welcome to A London View!

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