24 March 2012

Happy weekend!

What a nice way to start the weekend. Hotel style breakfast, but in out own house. Why go out when you can stay in? Birds singing like crazy outside. Spring is here for sure - although today it actually feels/sounds/smells like summer.

I am pretty good at making scrambled eggs and have more than once been asked how I do it. My method is very easy going and not so precise as I don't measure anything, but it always works. Crack two eggs per person straight into a non stick frying pan (less washing up than mixing everything in a bowl first - easy going, see!).  Break the egg yolks up and stir a little bit. Add a good knob of butter and quite a bit of milk. A pinch of sea salt can go in now or half way through. Put onto a medium heat and as soon as it starts cooking, keep moving everything around making sure to scrape any cooked bits off the bottom of the pan. Take it off the heat while the eggs are still slightly runny, otherwise they will overcook. Add plenty off freshly ground pepper. Done!

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