30 April 2012

Almost open

This is the most exciting thing in the garden at the moment, and I am constantly checking on it's progress. Genius to put this bright orange poppy next to the black grasses - wish I could take credit for it but it self seeded so nothing to do with me, all I did was forget to weed it out.

So yesterday I had planned to have a big gardening day, and I wasn't going to let the weather stop me so put on waterproof trousers and coat. But after a while when my fingers were so cold they didn't function properly and water had managed to get into the gap between coat and trousers I started think about giving up. Then when my husband announced he was lighting the fire, going inside seemed like the right thing to do. A hot shower and some lunch later, the sun decided to come out! Couldn't believe it! Oh well, I managed to get a new clematis into the ground which was the most important job. And it was very cosy in front of that fire.


  1. Är vallmon utslagen nu?

    1. Hej Malin!

      Ja, men den blev tyvarr helt sondertrasad av allt regn. Fler blommor kommer pa plantan sa jag visar upp nar nasta blomma slar ut.


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