26 April 2012

Book launch

Yesterday we went to the launch of the book '21 Designers for twenty first century Britain' by Gareth Williams at the V&A reading rooms. The book is lovely, and lots of the designers featured were there. Throw in a few glasses of wine to help us warm up and all in all it was a nice evening.

This is such a good little bookshop. I would really recommend a visit, they had so many fun and unusual books that I wanted to take a closer look at. I will definitely go back at Christmas time, think you could find some great present books here. And there is a bar - perfect!

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  1. Det är något speciellt med bokhandlar med en genuin känsla. Tyvärr är jag dock superdålig på att läsa böcker, måste skärpa mig;)

    Kram och ha en fortsatt trevlig kväll


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