4 April 2012

A day at the races

Bookies competing for business.

Assessing the contenders in the paddock.

How pretty is he? Hopefully a fast runner too.

Reading up on the form and making notes in the Racing Post.

Bet £5 on Hillview Boy to win, 20/1, with John White. No luck - he finisihed next to last...

At the finishing line.

Checking out the odds.

On Saturday we had a great day out at Kempton Park Race Course. It is very early in the season, and unfortunately the warm weather had left us by the weekend so it was a bit on the cold side - especially for all the ladies wearing summer dresses carrying picnic baskets. Oh well. We found a pint or two warmed us up nicely.

So interesting to observe the crowd. Men in waxed jackets and flat caps, geezers wearing short sleeved shirts and a few old boys in three piece suits carrying big wads of 20 pounds notes. A few of them seemed to take it all quite seriously, but most of the people were there, just like us, simply to have a good time. And what about the betting? Well, let's just say we headed straight home afterwards instead of checking in at the Savoy. But we had a lovely day.

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