23 April 2012

Figs and things

This is my easter present from my mum - so much better than a chocolate egg. I have wanted a fig tree for years and finally I do! To me, coming from quite a chilly place, it is amazingly exotic. I still remember the first time I saw one in London, think it was in Queen's Park, a massive gorgeous tree heaving with ripe fruit. I noticed it because I saw lots of squashed figs on the pavement and thought someone must have dropped them, then looked up and realized they actually grew there. The foliage is so beautiful, the branches wonderfully knobbly and on top of that, the fruit. I now fantasize about bowlfuls of home grown figs, turning them into chutney and jam and making salads with parma ham and mozzarella...perhaps not likely to happen any time soon, but even if I got one single fruit I would be very happy.

The variety is the standard 'Brown Turkey' which should be hardy here. Mine is in a pot so will only be about a metre tall, maybe a metre and a half, and that will probably take 5 years or so. I am happy to wait. The only worry it that it won't get enough sunshine hours for the fruit to ripen, but I think it should be ok. Also, the spot might not be sheltered enough for it - even though I have a courtyard garden it is surprisingly windy at times. We will have to wait and see.

And what is this? Noticed a weed growing in my pot of black grass a while ago but didn't remove it at the time. The other day I saw two hairy buds on graceful stems. Can't wait to see what colour these are - they should open any day now so I will report back. I absolutely love poppies and am perfectly happy for my neighbour's plants to come and visit my garden if they are to my taste.

The lavender in front of the fig is not just any old plant. It comes from Chelsea Flower Show and was a gift from when my mum and a few of her friends came to visit last year. Looks like it will have a comeback this year - lovely!


  1. Good luck with the fig. I got one of a similar size last year as well as a slightly bigger one last winter. Watch out for the frosts as they are particularly vulnerable I hear - i fleece mine if it looks like a possibility.

    1. Thanks for that tip, I will make sure to wrap it up come winter time. Have yours grown any bigger yet?


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