19 April 2012

The simple things

Back to reality with a bowl of muesli and a cup of the - amazing how good this everyday breakfast seems after all the waffles etc.

After I got home, after hanging my coat up and putting my bags down, the first thing I did was to go out in the garden to see if anything had happened. It has. The best thing at the moment is this early clematis, and I'm making sure to enjoy because I have decided to replace it with one that flowers later. Also, thousands of self seeded poppies have appeared, tiny seedlings that make a thin green covering of the bare soil. Look forward to finding out what colours they are later in the year. There are a few new shoots on the rose I planted and pruned, very pleased about that because I have been worrying that I was a little bit harsh. But I followed Monty Don's advice and of course he was right. There are lots of jobs to do in the garden right now, can't wait to put my wellies on and go outside at the weekend.

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