20 May 2012

Bibimbap and more

Of course I should have taken a photo of my Bibimbap before I mixed it all up, but when it arrives all sizzlig hot and delicious, you just want to get stuck in.

Gorgeous char grilled broccoli - one of my favourite vegetables cooked in such a tasty way.
 The busy dining room. There is often a queue outside.

The other day I had a meal at Korean resturant Kimchee for the first time. I often get a bus which goes past this place and I know it is popular judging from the queues outside. My husband had been before together with some Koreans who apparently approve, so I think the food is fairly authentic. The menu is quite extensive and it was really hard to choose what to have, but in the end I went for a Bibimbap - rice, vegetables and meat which arrives in a hot stone bowl with a raw egg yolk on top. You have to stir it all around so the egg and vegetable cooks, the rice sticks to the bottom of the bowl and goes all cripsy. So yummy. Next time I will try something from the grill. Extra points for the rice pots which had funny tassles on them, and the enormous tea pots.

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