30 May 2012

Le Caprice

I love this restaurant. It is so old school and grown up, just like you imagine a proper restaurant to be when you are little. Like somewhere JR and Sue Ellen might go. You have to drink champagne or an Old Fashioned - seems like the appropriate things to order. We always sit at the bar, close to the man playing the piano. Food highlights included a deep fried courgette flower with buffalo mozzarella. A very lovely Friday evening!


  1. Sue Ellen has been. Back in the day when Dallas was huge, Linda Gray walked in mid-evening when the restaurant was extremely busy and its Bolivian manager, Jesus Adorno, was away from the reception desk chatting to some diners. The phone rang. Linda reaches over, picks it up and shouts across the restaurant: "There's a guy on the line looking for Jesus".

    1. Amazing, I love it! Thank you for sharing this fantastic story.



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