11 June 2012

Give me a couple of months and we will have tomatoes

Yesterday we had a lovely sunny day before it started raining late in the afternoon. It hasn't stopped since. I made the most of the sunshine while it lasted, spent a few hours in the garden and got one of the most fun jobs done: planting tomatoes.

This year I have gone for four different varieties. First out is classic cherry tomato Gardener's Delight which I have grown every year since I started. Tasty and reliable. Alicante is a medium sized sweet tomato which worked well last time I tried it. I am not sure if I have had Golden Sunrise before or not...looks good in any case, just hope it tastes nice too. Finally there is Moneymaker which is a standard variety that has been popular for many years. This is the first time it makes an appearance in my garden, and I hope it lives up it's reputation.

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