3 July 2012

Chicken or Steak? Lunch at Tramshed

On Sunday we decided to try Mark Hix new restaurant Tramshed. It is only 10 minutes away from us and it is always fun to try something new. If I had been allowed to take photos inside the restaurant, I could have showed you a picture of the dead cow in a fish tank by Damien Hirst which sits in the middle of the dining room. Instead you get a photo of me outside, happy and replete after a big meal.
The concept is an interesting one. Basically, if you fancy some roast chicken with chips or a big old steak, this is the place to go. If not, try somewhere else because that is literally the extent of the menu. The chicken is served whole, standing up on on it's neck with legs complete with feet and claws sticking up. According to the menu, a chicken is enough to share between two to three people. This seems slightly vulgar to me - when we cook a roast chicken at home for the two of us, that will last for three meals. But, here's the nice bit, we asked to take the leftovers home with us, and they were swiftly packaged up nicely and along with them, we got a recipe for a chicken and mushroom broth.
For pudding we had apple pie and champagne. Lovely.

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