5 July 2012

Summer evenings

Summer evening sky and rooftops.

Summer is here, so make sure to enjoy lovely moments like this when they come. It is often said that the British are preoccupied with the weather and yes, they do talk about quite a lot, especially at summertime. My observation is that this is because of their high expectations of the weather. People are so disappointed every year, saying that summer was over before it started and so on. Well, I think that is because they just expect too much. We are not likely to have balmy days week in and week out here, we would have to move to the south of France for that. I guess this is my Swedishness talking - where I am from, we hope for nice summer weather but we never expect it so when it comes, we are overjoyed and make the most of it.
I say, it is all about moments. A still couple of days after a windy week, a warm evening after a rainy day. Make sure to remember them. And occasionally, fingers crossed, a glorious sunny, hot few days when no coats or cardis are required and it  is even safe to leave the umbrella at home when leaving for work in the morning. 

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