13 August 2012

The Scenic Route

The Olympics have finished and there is a sense that we have just witnessed and been part of something really amazing. It feels a little bit sad but I am not sure what to do about it, apart from moving to Rio...

To me the most amazing thing about the London Olympics was the setting - London itself. So many of the events had fantastic backdrops with one landmark in view after the other. Not many cities could compete with that. On Sunday we went to watch the Marathon runners. This picture is taken from where we were standing in Leadenhall Market, a covered shopping arcade in the City. The drinks were flowing and the cheers were deafening whenever a competitor ran past, no matter what nationality. You would struggle to find a more friendly, open and fun atmosphere. Well done London!

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  1. Lycklig du som kunde se det i verkligheten! Men också på tv har London visat sig från sin trevligaste sida


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