20 November 2012

Pork and Cabbage Gyoza

How fun it is to try something new once in a while! The other day we went to the Vietnamese food shop down the road to get some sesame oil, and as they conveniently stock plenty of other Asian ingredients it is hard to leave without picking up a few extra things. In the frozen section I found these Gyoza wrappers and got very excited by the prospect of making these gorgeous little things in my own kitchen.

I decided on a pork and cabbage filling. Here is what I put in it:

Minced Pork
Savoy Cabbage
Spring Onions
Dried Red Chillies
Soy Sauce
Oyster Sauce
Sesame Oil

Just chop all the veg finely and mix it all together in a bowl. Then it is time to get folding which is a lot easier than you would think. Put a spoonful of filling at the centre, then dab the edges with water and fold it over, creating five little pleats along the top edge as you go.

To cook them, put a small amount of sesame oil in a hot pan and add the gyoza flat side down. Let them sizzle for a short while, then pour over boiling water so the are almost covered. Wait for the water to evaporate completely, then add a bit more sesame oil and fry for a couple of minutes until the gyoza are crispy underneath. Done!

To serve I made an udon noodle soup with pak choi and oyster mushrooms. Not bad for a Monday night. They are also really good on their own with a soy dipping sauce.


  1. Men Gud vad gott, kan man bli bjuden på det nån gång...

  2. Vad hungrig jag blir. Ser Supergott ut! Jag vill också bli bjuden ;-)

    1. Malin - det fixar vi! Kanske en middag under jullovet? Kram!

  3. Hey Kristina,

    You gyoza look gorgeous!!! what an awesome idea to make :)

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    Ruben x


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