15 March 2012


There is something particularly beautiful about this, the very last moments before the tulips have to be thrown out - makes you feel like you have look extra hard at them before they go.

It is crazy to think that soon I will be photographing real, growing flowers in my own garden. It still looks like one big sorry heap of dead stuff, but in only a matter of weeks there will be things happening out there. This weekend I am going to venture out for the first time this year to clear up and survey things. It is actually pretty late to do this, mid March already, but I don't ever want to feel guilt or stress about my garden since it is meant to be a fun and relaxing thing, so I'm not going to worry and look forward to getting my hands muddy on Saturday.

A strange, misty morning today. Apparently it is going to be 18 degrees outside later. I will celebrate by wearing shoes with no socks.

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