9 April 2012

Easter Egg Princess Cake

Of course the most important thing with food is that is tastes good, but occasionally it is fun to spend some time on the aesthetics too. This is a classic Swedish cream cake but with easter themed egg decoration. The icing is home made marzipan (first time I made it myself, turned out to be very easy!) and the fillings are raspberry jam, thick custard and cream.

A traditional Princess Cake has to be green with a pink marzipan rose, dusted with icing sugar. I decided to go for pastel coloured eggs instead. This involved dying the marzipan 5 different shades. The colours didn't come out how I had planned it in my head, but I think this is part of the fun of making new things - you never quite know how it will turn out. For the base colour, I was aiming for a duck egg blue, but ended up with a brighter Tiffany sort of shade. Nevermind. For the eggs, I left some marzipan undyed, then added various amounts of green and blue. The browny colour was a complete mistake - I wanted purple and thought: blue and red makes purple...apparently not with marzipan. I decided to use it anyway and think it stops the whole thing from looking to sweet and pastelly.

For the egg shapes, I made a cardboard template and cut around it with a scalpel to get precise edges. Then I dusted them with cocoa powder before arranging them onto the cake.

For once the result was 100% satisfactory, this tastes as good as it looks (and even better the next day, I know because I'm eating a leftover piece while writing this). 

Here is the recipe:

4 Eggs
180 gms Sugar
65 gms Plain Flour
65 gms Potato Starch
2 tsp Baking Powder

200 gms Ground Almonds
200 gms Caster Sugar
1 Egg White
1 tbsp Cold Water
350 gms Icing Sugar
Food Colouring

Thick Custard
Raspberry Jam
Whipping Cream

Whisk the eggs and sugar until really fluffy. Mix the dry ingredients, then add them to the batter. Pour into a greased cake tin, 25 cm diameter, and bake for 40 minutes at 175 degrees. To make the marzipan, put the almonds and sugar in a mixer and blend well. Add the egg white and water and mix to a thick dough. Blend the icing sugar in bit by bit, and use a bit more water if it becomes too dry. Add food coloring of choice.

Once the cake has cooled, slice it horizontally into 3 layers. Put custard on one and jam on the other. Cover the whole thing, top and sides, with whipped cream. Roll the marzipan out thinly to make a lid, making sure it is large enough to cover the sides of the cake. Place the marzipan lid centrally on the cake and smooth down the sides, trimming the edges and tucking it under to avoid any creases. Decorate and tuck in!

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