7 April 2012

Nice egg

My lovely husband surprised me this morning with this gorgeous easter egg. I was going to give him a £3.99 one from Tesco, but I think I will have to venture a bit further now to try and find something a bit more special...

So looking forward to this long weekend. The menues are planned, the house is clean and friends are on the way over for lunch. Today, Easter Eve, we are celebrating Swedish style with select bits from the traditional easter spread and some proper sweets of the sour and salty kind. Tomorrow we will do a roast leg of lamb, then tuck in to our chocolates, hopefully in front of a suitable old movie. In between there are some house jobs to be done, and I'm sure we will squeeze in a visit to the garden centre. I'm planning to go back to the office next week with muddy hands, and a garden that looks a bit more ready to welcome the warm weather.

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