5 June 2012

Chelsea Flower Show 2012

Best in Show was Cleve West's garden. We liked it. The contrast between the formal and informal was lovely, and definitely a trend. And of course I like a poppy so 10 points from me. Can't say I wasn't jealous of the people sitting inside the garden having drinks. Oh well.

Joe Swift's garden, unusual with all the copper tones. Loved the bronzy stemmed beeches.

I have to say my favourite was the Laurent Perrier garden by Arne Maynard. So romantic, and super ambitious. Beautiful. Wouldn't mind sitting there with a glass of something bubbly. Again, it had the structure/softness thing going on.

This just looked SO Swedish to me. The birches, the rocks, the grasses and buttercups...like I said in a previous post, Swedish Meadow is so 2012.

My grandmother's favourite plant (except roses), Dicentra. We call it Lieutenant's Heart in Swedish. 

Diarmuid Gavin's structure. The queue for the slide was too long... 

Pimms O'Clock! Most expensive drink ever served in a plastic glass. Enjoyed it ever so much though. Shame half of it went down my blouse.

Not sure what the story was with this psychedelic pine tree cave, but I kind of liked it.

The Royal Hospital. I once had the opportunity to go inside and have a chat with one of the pensioners who had just moved in. He was over the moon to be there. Very interesting.

Could it get any more Chelsea than this? Red coated pensioners and girls in gingham uniforms.

Looking forward to next year already!

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